Mitsubishi 6-Door Multi Drawer with advanced freezing technology and Glass door MR-WX71Y BR,P




Brand: Mitsubishi

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Long-lasting freshness

Supercool chilling function is ideal for storing meat, fish, and other perishable food. This room keeps its temperature at about -3°C to 0°C, without freezing the food.
































Storing food at a temperature of -3°C to 0°C without freezing.

Food can be deliciously preserved in the Supercool Chilling case, which is Mitsubishi's original technology.

Now you can keep a stock of raw food and ingredients fresh without freezing. Start your cooking when you want. 


Reduce discoloration by approximately 11%*1 


Preserves taste and suppresses discoloration

Discoloration is suppressed and freshness lasts longer chilled and the refrigerator compartments.




Cook without defrosting

No defrosting means you can cook right out of the Supercool Chilling Case and you won't not make your diners wait long.


Ambient temperature is 25°C. Supercool Chilling Case is set as Supercool chilled mode. Chilled case is set as middle setting.
110g of ground meat is wrapped and stored for 7 days to compare the color change(fading of red color Δa*)Supercool chilled about -8.5, Chilled about -9.5.







Luxurious design

Displays a luxurious, striking finish like no other.


Toughened Glass and Color Design Panels 


Toughened glass

The toughened glass panels not only look great, but they are also easy to keep clean.


























Touch Panel

A unique LED control panel lights up with just a touch to provide access to all settings.





Technology only from Mitsubishi Electric

With Mitsubishi's original refrigeration technology, you can preserve the texture of food, as it suppresses food destruction.

It minimizes drip outflow and the runoff of nutrients during thawing.




Even frozen food are easy to cut

Scoop out only what you need, save time and leave the remainder for later use. No need to divide and repackage food.


You can also freeze vegetables

Supercool Freezing can freeze vegetables that are unsuitable to freeze, such as potatoes. 




Freezing hot foods

Supercool Freezing can also be used for freshly cooked food of temperatures up to 80°C. 





All water supply parts can be washed.

All compartments, including ice tray, pump pipe and filter, are detachable for easy washing. The tray is also antibacterial for more cleanliness.



All types of mineral water can be used

Both soft water and hard water can be used because all parts that the water goes through are detachable and easily washed even in case of mineral deposition.



Speedy ice making

After water is frozen, it is immediately released as ice and the next ice making begins automatically.

You can keep a large stock of ice for anytime you need it.



ColorCrystal Brown
Crystal Pink







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